Respect ∙ Relationships ∙ Results

President Mike Kopfmann created the three R’s: Respect, Relationships, Results. These principles represent Stan’s culture and how as a team we can use these three R’s to build a stronger team. The three R’s represent the three legs of a stool that support the Stan’s reputation and is a foundation for growth both personally and company-wide.

Respect. You give it, you get it. Respect is earned by being trustful, truthful, and responsible.

Relationships. Building relationships takes time and we build them with trust, honesty, and integrity. By doing what we say we are going to do, we can build strong relationships.

Results. We like to measure results by sales, productions, and profitability. Results are what our customers expect and what we expect, through hard work and dedication.

The formula is easy…Respect multiplies into Relationships which equals Results. Anytime we encounter a challenge or an opportunity we think of the three-R’s – We Respect one another, continue building Relationships at home and at work, which creates Results that support our customers, vendors, Stan’s, and most importantly our families.


Stan’s was established in 1964 by Stan Kopfmann who started the business by going farm to farm with a tractor and grinder to service his customer’s feed needs. Our team consists of dedicated employees that have a wealth of knowledge in the feed and trucking industry.

Feed. Since 1964 Stan’s has been committed to bringing our customers great quality products at competitive prices. With a motto of “A Call to Stan’s is a Load Off Your Mind,” we will do what it takes to supply our Swine customers with the best available products while supporting those products with our state-of-the-art technology that was originally built in 2005 and in 2020 completed a major expansion to improve speed, efficiencies, and accuracy to better serve and increase our Swine Customers’ profitability.  Learn more »

Transportation. Stan’s is a leader in the feed and trucking industries and continues to grow. Growing to a line of 60 trucks and 150 employees, our trucking services include hauling refrigerated goods, dry goods, grains, and feed ingredients. We are continually updating our trucking fleet with more fuel efficient and aerodynamic trucks and trailers. Learn more »

Agricultural Production. Stan’s is a vertically integrated company deeply rooted in South Dakota agriculture. Our farming operation (Kopfmann Partnership) produces commodities such as wheat, soybeans, and corn. These commodities are processed through our state-of-the-art feed mill and incorporated into the rations for our customers, which includes our swine division (Heartland Pork and Great Plains Swine). Our swine division responsibly raises market livestock that is processed in the state of South Dakota. We also reduce waste by fine tuning nutrition, add natural bacteria to pits and lagoons to minimize odor, and carefully recycle the nutrients into valuable crop fertilizers. We provide protein for the world.  


At Stan’s we strive to provide competitively priced products with superior service that leads to long term customer relationships, while producing results that support the growth of Stan’s and our employees.



FDA registered facility

FDA registered facility