Since 1964 Stan’s has been committed to bringing our customers great quality products at competitive prices. With a motto of “A Call to Stan’s is a Load Off Your Mind,” we will do what it takes to supply each customer with the best available products while supporting those products with state of the art technology. Whether you need grind and mix rations from our state-of-the-art feed mill or a complete feed from a full line of Hubbard and Crystalx products, you can count on our seasoned sales staff to get it done and get it done right. If we don’t have the answer we will find it and make your feed experience a success, giving you the best opportunities with great animal nutrition support. And to top it all off, we also offer full-service delivery.

Heading to a Show? Get in contact with Stan’s today to build a custom show feed, or try our other Showrite products for all species.

feed for beef cattle


Call us today for a variety of products for all your beef needs. Along with offering a full line of feeds and supplements, we can sample your current feed products and help you build a new custom ration to fit your operation. From creep, starters, and minerals to a variety of health products ask our sales staff about all the different custom product options we offer.

swine feed hubbard


Offering a variety of products and services that will help producers continue to build their business. Starters, premixes and finisher products are all a part of our complete line for your swine nutrition needs. Contact us today to hear about our custom grinding and mixing for all your swine feed needs.

sheep nutrition


We carry a complete line of feeds to accommodate the complete life cycle of your herd, including lamb grow and milk replacer. Call today to hear what our staff suggests for your herd.


Custom made feed from breeder to finisher with balanced amino acids for muscle health and feather growth. Call today to see what we have to fit your needs.

horse feed


Horsepower is Stan’s custom blend for all your horse’s needs. Contact us today to hear more about Stan’s Horsepower or any of our other custom feeds products we carry.

pet food


Try our complete lines of Dog and Cat foods. All products provide complete and balanced nutrition for all stages of your pet’s life. We offer both Wayne Feeds and the Kinetic Line of dog food.



January – March

  • New Blue Print Calving and Cattle Minerals

  • New Blue Print 6% Phos Crystalyx Barrel

  • Mineral

  • Milk Replacer

  • Opti Prime Colostrum 150g Globulin Protein

  • SafeGuard Wormer

  • Book Silage and Hay Inoculant

  • Book Creep Feed

April – June

  • New Blue Print Calving and Cattle Mineral

  • New Blue Print 6% Phos Crystalyx Barrel

  • Breed Up 17 Mag Crystalyx Barrel

  • Mag Mineral

  • Milk Replacer

  • Opti Prime Colostrum 150g Globulin Protein

  • 18% Pre-creep

  • Fly Mineral Program

  • Show Feed

  • Inoculant

July – September

  • New Blue Print Cattle Mineral

  • New Blue Print 6% Phos Crystalyx Barrel

  • BFG 30% Crystalyx Protein Barrels for Cattle on Dry Pasture

  • Creep Feed Program

  • Fly Mineral Program

  • Mineral Stress Guard 2 Weaning Pellet

  • Show Feed

  • Inoculant

October – December

  • New Blue Print Calving and Cattle Mineral

  • New Blue Print 6% Phos Crystalyx Barrel

  • Mineral

  • BGF 30% Crystalyx Protein Barrels for Cattle Grazing Corn Stalks

  • Feedlot Program

  • StressGuard 2 Weaning Pellet

  • Brigade Crystalyx Stress Barrel for Weaning


Tony Peckenpaugh,
Peckenpaugh Angus – Carthage, SD


“I decided I wanted to step-up the nutrition on my cows, so in the spring of 2018, I switched to the Blueprint® program with Actigen®. I have been very pleased. We kept the cows on Blueprint with Actigen through summer and over the winter. Since being on that program, we’ve had really good conception rates. This spring, they bred back in time despite the challenging muddy, wet and cold conditions.

We used Blueprint with ClariFly® this year on the registered cows and saw no pink eye. I also did the pink eye implant. The calves looked super and they were clean. I went down there one day after a rain and the cows were packed up around the corner because it was humid and there was mud and there were hardly any flies.”

heartland pork alpena

Dave Uttecht,
Manager of Heartland Pork


“The Stan’s feed mill is a state-of-the-art facility and the only one of its kind in the area. The computerized batching system, precision micro ingredient table, liquid energy technology, and quality control procedures ensures a good quality mix every time. The wide array of high quality ingredients, supplements, vitamin and mineral packs can build the rations that my farm needs. When we switched to the new mill the performance difference was noticeable. They also provide the quality assurance and traceability that my customers demand, allowing me to capture better market premiums.”

tracy barton

Tracy Barton,
NCHA Member


“I have been feeding Stan’s Horse Power for six years and have taken NRR Cat King Cole coast to coast and north to Canada and with Stan’s Horse Power it kept Cole at the top of his game.

NRR Cat King Cole in 2016 was the first Horse to win Affiliated Champion, Area Champion, National Champion, World Champion and the first on to be inducted to the NCHA Hall of Fame.”

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