I have been here since April and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I worked 17 years for another company and after only a week, I’m treated like family – not a number or quota! Thank ya’ll for hiring me and becoming my second family.

JERRY PORSCHAKIN, Team Member Since 2017

I was at a company where I thought I would retire from, but I came to a point where I was at a dead end. Stan’s was brought to my attention. It was a tough move, but at Stan’s, there is a new light, a bounce in my step that I haven’t felt in years. The company, people, and freedom that is here is nothing but top notch. I truly feel I have found a new home at Stan’s.

DOUG APATO, Team Member Since 2017

What I like most about working for Stan’s is there is plenty of work. The sky is the limit of what money you want to make. It depends on what effort you want to put into it. They’ll try hard to let you run where you want to.

BOB HAIBECK, Team Member Since 2000

I happily work for Stan’s for a variety of reasons. Mike pays a fair wage for his people, but it is more than just the money. I come to work happy and I go home at night happy. I am proud of what I do and who I do it with and I am surrounded by individuals who share my same goal, to be the best we can. We are appreciated at every level and the belief in our abilities is sincere.

JOEY KILMARTIN, Team Member Since 2016

Stan’s is different from other places I’ve worked because there is a lot more professionalism. They are always trying to do things the right way like you should! It’s very good, but that only comes with good, hard-working people.

KEITH MATHIS, Team Member Since 2011

What I like most about Stan’s is they take care of you and pay you what you deserve, and say what they mean! I work for Stan’s because they care about the drivers and treat you like family.

LARRY HARVELL, Team Member Since 2016

Stan’s is different from other places I’ve worked in that it is family-owned. It’s not a big corporation where you are just a number. They care. I love my job and my customers.

SANDY NABER, Team Member Since 1998

Working for Stan’s is like working with relatives – not like a group of suits. You can walk around like you are back at your home. A big difference is that Stan’s treats you like a family member, by your first name, not a number.

SANTIAGO TREVIN0, Team Member Since 2016

I wish I would have found them 16 years ago! Stan’s has met and exceeded all of my expectations as an employer, and no other company has been able to come close to matching the benefits and bonuses they provide. If you want a career and want to advance yourself with a company that really, truly cares about you, you have to tap into the little secret in South Dakota known as Stan’s in Alpena!

CHAD BACON, Team Member Since 2014